Green Net World (Fujian)Network Technology Co.,Ltd.Stock Abbreviation:Green Net World Stock Code:831084

Green Net World, founded in 2006, is the leading provider of online education platform and healthy network. We keep focusing on serving users including K12 teachers, students and parents on a basis of our products (Green Network+Smart Campus Overall Solution+Xiaogelei Smart Devices) and learning data generated by interactive education services both inside and outside campus. We also develop a series of smart devices that enable children to embrace the healthy network and happy learning. Green Net World’s interactive online education platform, which centres on students, has developed into the Green Net Educational Ecosystem. Green Net World aims to become a global hi-tech enterprise with its headquarter in Xiamen Software Park. We have been named of ‘National Double-software Enterprise’, ‘National Hi-tech Enterprise’, ‘Xiamen Innovative Enterprise’and ‘Enterprise with Excellent Credit Standing’. Green Net World always spares no effort on innovative R&D which has earned us a series of honors including ‘2013 Xiamen Outstanding New Products Award’,‘2014 Xiamen Award for Science & Technology Progress’, ‘Fujian Innovative Pilot Enterprise’, ‘2015-2016 Award for Xiamen Growing SMEs’, etc. We’ve been a strategic partner and exclusive softeware provider of Spiritual Growth ‘Shibaiqianwan’ Project since April 2013. Green Network, smart phone management software, was certificated as ‘Xiamen Key Hi-tech Transformation Project’ in June 2013. We’ve passed ISO(9001) quality system authentication. Green Net technical team, which is top in domestic industry, consists of over 200 R&D engineers and has obtained the core tech of system fundamental management. We have successfully declared more than 20 intellectual property rights, 9 National Patents of Invention, 2 Taiwanese Patents of Invention and over 20 software copyrights.
  • Zhang Xicong-Chairman of the Board

    Zhang Xicong Chairman of the Board

    Zhang Xicong, a veteran training instructor and a senior expert in computer science, graduated from Department of Computer Science and Application, Sun Yat-sen University. He had worked for Tianxun Tianwang(Guangdong) Technology Co.,Ltd as technical engineer, Manager of R&D who was in charge of some big projects since graduation. He accumulated abundant experience by connecting theory with practice, meanwhile transferring himself from a technical specialist to a professional manager. He is a co-founder and Chairman of Green Net World (Fujian) Network Technology Co.,Ltd. ‘Strive constantly for excellent!’ is his motto.

  • Zhang Zhihai-CEO

    Zhang Zhihai CEO

    Zhang Zhihai, an assistant economist and CCP member, achieved his UESTC(University of Electronic Science & Technology of China).He had worked in a state-owned bank as accountant, loan officer, director and acquired a lot of honors ranging from ‘Advanced Financial Staff’ to ‘Outstanding CCP Member’. He specialized in corporate management, strategic planning, M&A and investment & finance planning. He is in charge of the Marketing Management of Green Net World now.

  • Yu Hong-Vice President, Secretary of the Board, Finance Chief

    Yu Hong Vice President Secretary of the Board Finance Chief

    Yu Hong, graduated in English and Computer Science and Application from Sun Yat-sen University, has a master degree. She specializes in modern enterprise management, investment and financing, project management, quality control and cost control of products. She had been one of chief editors of Guangzhou Daily and then in charge of the financial affairs in Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision. She is a co-founder of Green Net World (Fujian) Network Technology Co.,Ltd.Now she is a member of the board of directors, vice president, the secretary of the board and the Finance Chief in Green Net World. She is in charge of sectors of Green Net World including brand, HR, securities, investment and financing.

  • Zhao Guang-Vice President

    Zhao Guang Vice President

    Zhao Guang, graduated from UESTC in 1996, had worked as office manager, product line manager of MD/MBB, vice president for ZTE since 1998. He has a very deep understanding of product line including marketing, planning, designing, R&D and supply chain as a long-term engagement in overall product management. He, joined Green Net World in 2015, has taken up the post of vice president that is in charge of sales and operation work.

  • Full Name of Corporate:Green Net World (Fujian)Network Technology Co.,Ltd.
    Address:Room 401, No.18 Guanri Road, Software Park II, Xiamen
    Stock Code:831084
  • Legal Representative:Zhang Xicong
    Secretary of the Board:Yu Hong
    Registered Capital:34.2 Million
  • Tel:0592-5203401、5203402
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Xiamen Head Office

Address:Room 401, No.18 Guanri Road, Software Park II, Xiamen




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