Network world exhibition GMIC2017 star students raised concerns of mobile phone products

2017-05-16 14:41:03


        Network world exhibition GMIC2017 star students raised concerns of mobile phone products

  Network world exhibition GMIC2017 star students raised concerns of mobile phone products

  In Beijing, the National Convention Center, GMIC2017, a scientific and technological event of great interest, has been officially opened. This year the General Assembly invited 100 top scientists from around the world, 500 industry leaders, expected 100 thousand visitors arrived at the scene, and micro-blog and other new media reported full cooperation, unprecedented influence. In addition to the esoteric topics such as artificial intelligence, the most important thing for the public to care about is the innovation of science and technology in all aspects of life education. In view of this, as a leading K12 online education in the field of the network in the world, to carry out the first day attracted many visitors onlookers, the scene of fierce repercussions.

  "Herd" network burst red GMIC booth

  Go to the National Convention Center, FO1 network of the world next to the booth, can be heard far "students in a small mobile phone, Gray" slogan, it is a new advertisement spokesperson Tian Liang and Guo Xinru shooting, head start in the past to attract the attention of many people. Walk into, see the streams of people busily coming and going crowd, they wave after wave, surrounded by booth and staff, carefully asked a variety of green Internet Security and online education products, is the most talked about little Gray 'mobile phone. With the industry's leading technical strength, as well as powerful control and protection, it has become a "consumer" in the hearts of students with standard mobile phones". In this exhibition, many people in contact with this student dedicated anti addiction mobile phones, but also praise it, including the lack of educational institutions, workers and media promoters.

  Student cell phone popular, the key to control technology

  Small Gray student mobile phone popular, in fact, the smart phone market is an inevitable escalation of consumption environment. The traditional "students' mobile phone 'concept, by the transformation from educational institutions with mobile phone manufacturers do, emphasis on" learning ", which focus on the purchase and rich teaching resources; and to the world as the representative of the network technology enterprises, more emphasis on" control and protection ", after all, mobile phone has a strong learning function if not, it will become just the live game, this is the market real parents face the pain. At the beginning of this century, the popularity of the personal computer and the Internet addiction problem, have been knocked on the alarm, into the mobile Internet era, mobile phone becomes more and more popular and toward the younger age of penetration, to strengthen students' mobile phone network control, protect health and safety of young people, has become the urgent matter.

  GMIC2017 in this exhibition, the world network to demonstrate their interactive platform of the K12 education in the field of construction, content services, hardware technology on the strength of the industry's leading advantage, with Gray and Gray students mobile phone box products such as star products, is continued to cause concern and topic. The science and technology festival continues to experience science and technology education to bring innovation in the field, please hold the exhibition time last April 29th, network world invites you to visit!

  Green world booth: Beijing National Convention Center; F01 network world booth