The saddest composition:my dad only loves phone

2015-11-23 13:59:15

In Dad,where are we going? III,there is a scene that Liu Ye is there playing his phone.Suddenly,his son Nuoyi said,”Dad,I had a dream one night.The goddess of mercy asks me talk with you......”Such a naive conversation has showed that child longs for the companion of parents.Last Friday,a teacher named Tang Shangli,6th grade teacher from Shanhu Kangheng Primary School in Nan’an District,transfered a composition on WeChat,which was written by a 3rd grade student named Xiaoxi.It became a hot topic between teachers and parents.”My father’s eyes are always focused on the phone.Whenever he has time,he takes out his phone and plays with it. ”

After reading this composition,did you recall those moments that when you are back home after work or when you are having a rest,you are also in the same situation that you have always been addicted to phone while letting your child alone? 
Use phone even when in the bathroom
In the 1st part of Xiaoxi’s composition,he describes his father’s look.The 2nd part he ponits out the main idea of the composition:”My father’s eyes are always focused on the phone.Whenever he has time,he takes out his phone and plays with it.There was once that I asked my father to read ,play and paint together with me..I’ve called him many times,but there was no response.So I called him again and again until he finally came in.When he came in,he was still holding his phone..... ”
Because class was over,Xiaoxi didn’t finish his work.At the end of his composition,he said,”My father was also playing phone the time he was in the bathroom.When he has finished what he wants to do in the bathroom,he even fogot to come out,still there playing phone”.
Tang Shangli recalls that she was touched when this composition was sent out by Xiaoxi’s teacher.So she adds a picture and calls for the masses,”I accidently found this essay.Is the child talking about you?Companion is the longest love confession.Do not make your phone be the third person between your child and you.”
Many teachers and parents have commented this piece of WeChat,”This child’s composition is  talking about your status exactly.Child need company along their growth,but company is not just staying by his side.”
“We hope that it is not writing you or me.”
It’s not the first time that Xiaoxi writes his father in love with phone
Yesterday,the journalist had made a contact with the headteacher(Zhou Qin) of Xiaoxi.Ms Zhou said she had asked those students to write a composition,title of which is “The most familiar person”.When class was over,she collected all the composition and then read.She was touched when reading Xiaoxi’s.
“It’s not the first time that Xiaoxi writes his father in love with phone,”Ms Zhou said,after reading this composition,she had a talk with Xiaoxi,”It’s an excellent composition.In daily life,your father likes playing phone that much?”Xiaoxi said nothing but lowered his head.
One third of those parents is in love with phone
When Xiaoxi writes about his father playing phone,Ms read it out in the classroom and did a research.As a result,over one third of the children raised their hand,which means their parents plays phone as often as Xiaoxi’s father and most of the time ignore them.
Ms Zhou tells Xiaoxi specially that he could bring his composition home and aks his parents to take a look in order to give a hint to them.Yesterday,Xiaoxi’s father refused our interview.He regards that playing phone is a normal situation,which is not worth mentioning.He tells the headmaster that he would avoid to play phone when child is around and spend more time with Xiaoxi.